Thursday, 17 November 2011

USA: 2009-2010 - first stop Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Early December 2009, my best friend Alex, sister Lisa and i embarked on adventure of a lifetime to the land of all things peanut butter! We boarded our flight with V Australia, Sydney to Los Angeles very excited girlies - even if it was 9pm at night.

Ready for take-off!

So we strapped in for a 13hr flight across the pacific, where we would have a 5hr layover at LAX before heading on to Washington DC. I made good use of my personal screen, watching many movies and tv shows due to my plane insomnia :(   

 So upon arriving in LA we checked our luggage and decided to hop in a cab to do some exploring of Santa Monica. $50 later(not including tip) we had arrived at Santa Monica Pier. It was uncharacteristically cold for LA winter, especially after leaving Australia on a 40 degree day, and at just before 6pm it was almost pitch black. Freezing cold, we wandered up and down the pier in a sleep depraved haze, until we finally managed to establish we were ravenous and were in desperate need of a feed. There we found Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., the answer to rumblings of our bellies.


Bubba Gumps is a must for any Forrest Gump lovers, with many references to the movie throughout the decor and menu. Our waitress introduced us to their system to get their attention, a "run, forrest run" sign to signal that everything was sweet at the table, and the "stop, forrest stop" to alert staff that you require assistance. We thought that was pretty neat :P

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For drinks, Alex & Lisa ordered the Peppermint Christmas special(which was practically a candycane milkshake) which came in a special flashing glass, a favourite for both. I ordered a mixed berry smoothie which was quite refreshing after plane food!

We decided to share 2 big bowls of fries for food-age which came in cute little baskets lined with newpaper. They were shovelled down like they were going out of fashion as you can probably tell by the few remaining in the photograph ;)

For our first dining experience in the US, and in our zombie-esque states, we all agreed Bubba's went down pretty-darn good!

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