Thursday, 17 November 2011

Birthday cheesecake :D

While my birthday was over 2 months ago, i just recently came across pictures of this delicious treat of a cheesecake and decided it would be fitting to share due to the name of this blog!

Cheesecake cutting requires a lot of concentration ;)

I am constantly making baked cheesecakes and experimenting with different flavours, throwing a bit of this n that in, never really following a recipe. So for my birthday i decided to create a cheesecake which incorporated some of my other favourites - pumpkin pie & pecan pie!

creamy in-ards

Whilst i can't remember exact method or ingredients(Sorry guys, i promise i will make again & document!) I know it consisted of  a Arnotts buttersnap biscuit base, layer of scattered pecans, pumpkin cheesecake layer and topped with a rum caramel glaze & chopped pecans. Delish!

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