Sunday, 22 May 2011

Mamak & Ready Steady Cook Trip!

So i have a confession to make - i am absolutely obssessed with watching Ready Steady Cook! I just love it, although it always makes me so hungry whilst watching! Luckily ive been able to go watch the tapings a couple of times now which i would recommend to all, its such a fun day out :D

So mid 2010 a friend and i got tickets to go again and being in Sydney gave us a wonderful excuse to add in a little trip to Mamak ;)  My sister Lisa and i found out about Mamak one night while walking through Chinatown, and all of a sudden we see a rush of people head towards a door, the line spanning back quite a bit. Not having any clue what was happening, i turned to Lisa and said "Quick, ill go line up and you see what were lining up for!". Hahaha. The fast moving staff and cooks ensure a quick turnover of customers, so your wait wasnt very long at all. Plus you dont even notice the wait due to the wide glass window showcasing the chefs stretch and cook the roti, which is quite fascinating, not to mention mesmerising. Before that night i never realised how much i loved Malaysian cuisine and in particular, Roti.

So when i let her know we'd be in the city she made sure to come for some Roti Kaya($7.50, roti filled with pandan and coconut), our favourite! Its flaky, buttery roti filled with the most delicious sweet filing and i could easily eat a whole one to myself!

This time we also tried the Cendol $6, pandan noodles in coconut milk, shaved ice and syrup; which was so interesting and different texturally to any other dessert i have ever eaten.

15 Goulburn Street, Haymarket. Phone: 9211 1668.

Channel 10 studios
1 Saunders Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009

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